E-Bike Conversion – Software


It’s been a while since I wrote the posts about my electric bicycle conversion project. The bicycle runs fine so far and I finally finished rewriting the software that configures its controller.

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E-Bike Conversion – The Build

Before the conversion

It is time for another post about my electric bike conversion. The photo above shows my bicycle before the upgrade. I bought it as an entry level MTB this spring. Aluminum frame, RST Gila 80mm travel fork with lock-out, Shimano Alivio gears (front dérailleur was cheapest Shimano) and drive-train, SDG Bel Air seat, Tektro HD300 hydraulic disc brakes. Nice bike for recreational use in the nature or as a city bike like I use it. I replaced the pedals with platform ones for better grip, added mudguards, a bottle cage and a rack. Also some fairly cheap lights and a bicycle computer from ebay. On this photo the front mudguard is missing since it’s mounting metal bracket broke. Now it has a new one I made out of 2mm steel L-plate. No more braking. Continue reading “E-Bike Conversion – The Build”

E-Bike Conversion – Pre-Build

Recently I decided to convert my city bicycle (actually MTB with trunk and mudguards) into electric bike. The main reason for that is living almost on top of a hill where everything else is at least 50 meters lower and always involves climbing steep streets on my way home. The conversion kit I chose is Bafang BBS02. It consists of a mid drive motor with integrated controller, LCD module with control buttons, e-brakes and a compact lithium-ion battery mounted in the place for a bottle cage on the frame.

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MLTL speakers with Jordan JX92 – part III – finishing touches

Two years after the beginning of my MLTL speakers project with Jordan JX92 it has finally come to an end. I made some finishing touches but nothing significant. The speakers now are freshly painted, has new spikes and second pair of terminals are added for choice of connection schemes. The photos following show the finished speakers.

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MLTL тонколони с Jordan JX92 – част III – финални доработки

Две години след началото на проекта ми за MLTL тонколони с Jordan JX92 най-накрая той стигна своя край. Направих малка доработка, но повече съществени промени няма. Тонколоните се сдобиха с нова боя, крачета и по още един чифт конектори, даващи възможност за избор на свързване. Следващите снимки показват завършения вид на проекта.

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MLTL speakers with Jordan JX92 – part II – adding ribbon tweeter

My MLTL speakers project with Jordan JX92 was waiting for final touch with some paint or veneer, but it ended up with HiVi Research RT1.3 ribbon tweeters instead. As good as JX92 are, we all know that there is nothing perfect. It was absurd to think that 4-inch driver is capable of reproducing 30Hz perfectly and it is the same with the high end of the audible spectrum. That is why I decided to add ribbon tweeter to improve the highs after I cut the bass port to improve the lows, sacrificing those below 40Hz. The good thing is that I chose project which allows me to add second driver – second generation 35″ MLTL. Although I didn’t use Aurum Cantus G2 as Jim Griffin did, the final result is OK with me for now. The photo below shows the tweeter already mounted in the speaker. Its front panel isn’t the most beautiful but at least it sounds good.

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MLTL тонколони с Jordan JX92 – част ІІ – добавяне на лентов говорител

Проектът ми за MLTL тонколони с Jordan JX92 чакаше своя завършек с фурнир или боя, но преди това се сдоби с високочестотни лентови говорители HiVi Research RT1.3. Колкото и добри да са JX92, всички знаем, че няма нищо идеално. Както бе абсурдно да си мисля, че с 4-инчов говорител може отлично да се възпроизведе 30Hz, така е абсурдно да си мисля, че същият този говорител ще възпроизведе отлично високите честоти от музиката. Ето защо след като коригирах бас рефлекса, за да подобря ниските честоти, жертвайки тези под 40Hz, така реших да добавя лентов говорител, за да подобри високите честоти. Хубавото е, че предварително избрах проект, който позволява добавянето на втори говорител, а именно 35″ MLTL втора версия. Макар да не използвах Aurum Cantus G2 по идеята на Джим Грифин, крайният резултат засега ми харесва. На снимката по-долу се вижда монтираният вече лентов говорител. Предният му панел не е най-красивия възможен, но поне звучи добре.

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